Anna's Modern Marvel

Anna’s Modern Marvel

Ahhhhhhh…… how marvelous!!! Here is another wedding I’ve finally finished editing and I’m so happy to share the darling Miss Anna’s special day with you.  This was a truly unique wedding and bride.  One of the first weddings in which the bride was in great desire of modern flairs! When I met Anna, I instantly clicked with her bubbly personality and her sense of direction and grasp of how she wanted her modern wedding to look.  We used spider mums, mini calla lilies, button mums, berries, orchids, guinea feathers, and glossy black wire to tie in her colors and her modern aesthetic.  Everyone was thrilled with the outcome and I was proud to give Anna her vision for her most important day.  Here’s how it all came together…


This was lovingly known as the “orb arrangement!”  Can you guess why? I was terribly please with its semi gravity defying look. The orchids, wire and grass really dresses up the sometimes poo-pooed carnation.  Carnations ROCK!


Flower Girl kissing balls.
It was time for the bridal party flowers’ close up.  The bride had a lovely old handkerchief that we added as a special touch to her bouquet.
I LOVED the “cage” affect the black wire had on all the bouquets!
 The classic/modern groom’s boutonniere.  Thanks to my good friend Alisa, I actually got all these amazing pictures of the flowers IN USE! Thanks girl!



This is the spectacular ball room of the Legacy Event Center in downtown Lubbock!  
Large bowl arrangement of moss, gladiolas, spray orchid buds, bear grass, and bell of ireland buds.
This was my first time to use hanging amaranthus and I really feel that it gave a modern edge to a classic monochromatic arrangement.
I love the floating spray orchids.  It is an elegant way to display my favorite flower!


This AMAZING marriage bell is made ENTIRELY of sugar and has been at every wedding on the bride’s side since the 1940s!  They sure don’t make things the way they used to… I created a cage of black wire to ensconce the bell and used the orchids to surround it.  It was hard to make something so retro and vintage look modern, but the mother of the bride was happily speechless!


I just wanted to take this chance to thank all the people that helped me with this wedding weekend.  I had two weddings and couldn’t have accomplished all that I did without the help of my friends/assistants Toni and Kim and my good friend, Alisa (Alisa Joy Photography) who got me some great photographs of my flowers in use!  XXOO to you all!!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS ANNA & JASON ANDREWS! May God bless your happy union!