Flowers for Cotton Kings

Flowers for Cotton Kings

A few weeks ago, my good friend David Reed from Ambrosia Catering, called me and asked me if I could do some special flower arrangements for the Texas Cotton Ginner’s Banquet that was being held at Lubbock’s American Museum of Agriculture.  Well, for David, I’ll do just about anything, but what to do???

This was a pretty big deal, as all the ginners of Texas were going to be here, at this one event, but it needed to be something not too fussy, because these were good-old-boy cotton ginners…  who probably couldn’t appreciate some frilly centerpieces…

As I brainstormed with David, I knew, based on previous visits to the Ag Museum, that they had TONS of old farm equipment, tools, and supplies.  What if we used some of those rusty old tools as centerpieces with flowers tucked between them with a little burlap thrown in?  David was thrilled and I was relieved… we had a plan!  I called the executive director of the museum, a beautiful, young woman named, Lacee Fraze.  She was very open to the idea and excited to see the outcome (so was I).

Under a HUGE red and white striped tent, David and I began to set up our wares.  He the tables, linens, and food, me the flowers and tools.  As I was beginning to start on the centerpieces some of the board members came out and asked what I was doing and became very interested and very skeptical when I began, but after I did one table, they were impressed!

Here is what I came up with.  Something fun, colorful and definitely appropriate for some cotton ginners! I was told later by David, that everyone loved the arrangements and they were great conversation starters! What do ya’ll think???