Happy Valentine's from Barnard Interiors!!

Happy Valentine’s from Barnard Interiors!!

I made a heart from oasis and jammed in as many spray roses as I could! “Be My Valentine???”  I dropped this one off at a favorite local cupcakery, CAKE by Distinctive Details!

This lovely mixed arrangement of stargazer lilies, roses, spray roses, and bear grass was dropped in the lobby of the Overton Hotel, Lubbock’s new 5-Star hotel downtown! If you haven’t gone to see its spendor it is a must see!

“Who is going to turn away free flowers?” I was told this gem from an events coordinator I recently met at a YPGL meeting I went to about a week and a half ago!  She encouraged me to take any left over flowers I had to local business and put out some of my cards to help promote my floral design!  Sometimes the simplest things can take me forever to get… anyone else this way?
I took t his one and dropped it off at Anderson Bros: Kingsgate Shopping Center.  It had a mix of stargazers, lisianthus as well as some vines and berry branches from my garden to give it a more wintry feel!
One of my good friends, Dinah, from one of my favorite stores, Hodgepodge Design was the proud recipient of this fuchsia masterpiece! Purple is SO in right now… Go in and check it out and peruse Dinah’s wares!  I dare you to leave WITHOUT taking something home with you!
Well, that gem rang true!  I had a wedding last weekend and had a few flowers left over so I did just what she suggested.  NO one turned me down!!!  I made up a few arrangements and took them to a few key locations around town.  Have you seen any of them???  Let me know what you think!  I think a game of “Where’s BI Florals” is in order!
This heavenly pink carnation coffee cup was a prize in a give away  of my friend Gina who teaches Jazzersize classes! Get out your legwarmers people!
Can you guess where these were left????  Doesn’t the large copper wire look like steam rising from a fabulous White Chocolate Mocha made by Nat or James at Sugar Brown’s Coffee??
I dropped off this pink carnation creation at Aunt Norie’s Confections!  You walk in and you get hyper just smelling all the heavenly creations that these ladies make up on a daily basis! YUMMY! These ladies have been good to me.. go get a cookie from them… go on, you know you want to!
This little arrangement of roses and alstromeria lilies was dropped off at that lovely shop Filigree on 98th Street.

I hope these “little gems” put a smile on your face and pitter-patter in your heart!  Happy Valentine’s from Barnard Interiors!