Lindsey's Lovely Wedding

Lindsey’s Lovely Wedding

When you meet special people, you can sense it from the beginning… From my initial consultation with both Tim and Lindsey, I knew this was going to be a special wedding for two wonderful people. This is one of my favorite brides and favorite weddings to date, and I think I figured out why… I wanted this wedding!!!  So, thanks to Lindsey & Tim, I was able to live vicariously through their vivacious and fun wedding. 

After booking Lindsey & Tim’s wedding for October 30, it was time, in September, for Lindsey’s bridal bouquet for her bridal portrait. With only a little trepidation, she let me do whatever I wanted with that bouquet and the rest, is history.  Lindsey, her mother Mitzi, her lovely photographer Ashley, and me were all pleased with the outcome and everyone, including yours truly, was excited to see what the wedding would look like once completed. Ashley even did a mini post about it on her blog!

I may have worked hard on this wedding, but nothing in comparison to the bride, groom and their families and friends.  It was truly a wonderful wedding and I feel blessed to have worked with such an awesome couple! Congratulations Lindsey and Tim!  Here’s what we accomplished…


mother’s corsage

 father’s boutonniere
 grandmother’s corsage

grandfather’s boutonniere
 groomsman’s boutonniere
ring bearer’s boutonniere

minister’s boutonniere
usher’s boutonnieres

 groom’s boutonniere
bride’s bouquet
I’m in love with this bouquet!!! I threw everything AND the kitchen sink into it, but I really loved the finished results!

 bridesmaids’ bouquets


 Didn’t the bride and mother of the bride do a great job setting things up? All I had to do was place the cut flowers around!

 the bride’s cupcake table

 This is the groom’s parents on their wedding day.  The bride and groom put pictures up on the stage at their reception.  Isn’t this a brilliant idea? So sweet and sentimental!

love, love, love the pumpkin bonanza!!!

cake cutter’s corsage

 toss bouquet

CONGRATULATIONS Lindsey & Tim!  May you have a blessed and happy marriage!