Lubbock's Overton Hotel & Conference Center

Lubbock’s Overton Hotel & Conference Center

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from my new friend Rachel, who just so happens to be the Sales and Catering Manager at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center, asked me for a “favor.”  The Overton was shooting a tv commercial and they needed some flowers to add that finishing touch to the already luxurious settings!  Well, when the prestigious Overton Hotel, the premiere hotel of West Texas, calls for a favor, you jump… and I did… GLADLY!

I met with the lovely Rachel and her boss, Marcie, and we discussed all the shots they were going to need flowers for:

  1. Bedside Table Arrangement
  2. Romantic Private Dining Room Arrangements
  3. Wedding Celebration

We had a lovely gab session and they gave me free rein to create whatever I wanted to help add that little something extra.  It was easy to take inspiration from all the decor in this fabulously western inspired modern design!

Don’t you just want to snuggle down in that plush bed and relax???

When I got there, early the morning of the shoot, the girls in the office  had set up their conference room for me! As my assistant, Allyson and I worked to complete the arrangements, we could hear all of the ladies saying, “Wow, it smell SO good!”

After we got the majority of the arrangements done, we went into the Private Dining Room in their wonderful restaurant.

I’m working very hard to make it perfect for the shoot!
Here are the pictures of the romantic arrangement I did for the Private Dining Room.  I really loved this arrangement! I took a load of pictures.  I had a mesh cone that I had gotten at an antique store years ago that I had been waiting to use on something special, and what better than this?  I crammed it full of sheet moss and just started piling the flowers in.  It gave a cornucopia look to it with the flowers spilling out!
A mix of fuchsia lilies, purple hyacinth, blue lysamachia and purple spray roses made up this passionate mix!
Next are pictures of the wedding set up.  The ladies thought that a color scheme of white would be great for the centerpieces and I chose to use lavender hues for the bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. 
And finally is the unique bedside table arrangement.  I was trying to think of something that would be unique and different and when I was looking around the floral department, at United Market Street, I saw a potted sedum plant, which of course I adore!  I knew I had that fabulous pot at home and knew that the gorgeous orange roses would stand up well against the modern decor of the room.  Overall, I loved the look.  Quite unique I think!  I love the mix of all the different textures.
So I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies at the Overton Hotel who were so delightful to work with! The Overton is truly a gem in the crown of West Texas!  If you get a chance, go take a peek at their wonderful accommodations!
The lovely ladies of the Overton (from left to right), Emily, Rachel, and Jordan.
And a special thanks to my trusty assistant Allyson for helping me always!
Ally, loading up the truck! Thanks girl!