Megan and Austin Marvelous Winter Wedding - Lubbock, TX Flowers

Megan and Austin Marvelous Winter Wedding – Lubbock, TX Flowers

The lovely Miss Megan came to me thanks to one of my former brides, Lacee! Megan is Lacee’s sister-in-law and Lacee ended up being Megan’s photographer… confused yet? Regardless, these two girls were amazing to work with and I love that I’m a family secret!!! Yet, again, the wedding was held at St. Paul’s Chapel, which I love and the reception was at the Texas Tech Skyviews Restaurant which is a venue I hadn’t really heard too much about, but was pleasantly suprised by (keep this in mind for your wedding venue lovely brides…)!

Megan wanted something dreamy and romantic and despite the frigid temperatures outside, there was tons of heartwarming romance to be had at this wedding!  Here is what I came up with!

And Megan & Austin Davis lived happily ever after, like two little love birds!

Special thanks to my good friend Georgia & Lindsey for all your help on the day of the wedding!  Also, I want to give a big shout out to DomestiCakes who did an outstanding job on the cake! The cake may look super simple, but speaking from someone who has worked in a cake shop before, those are the MOST difficult cakes to do!  Bravo cake divas!