Silk bouquet.... Faux REAL!!!

Silk bouquet…. Faux REAL!!!

One of my new, lovely brides, Danielle, hired me to design her wedding flowers after seeing my work at Lindsey’s wedding this October.  Danielle wanted her bouquet to be in silk so she could cherish the memory forever.  Being the frugal lady that she is, she wanted me to do her wedding bouquet now, so she could use it for her bridal portrait! Truly ingenious!  I love it when brides really get ALL the bang for their buck.

Below are pictures that my good friend, Alisa, took for me recently.  She was really blown away by how real this bouquet looked.  I started making it with just some pretty silk flowers and by the time I was done with it, it looked amazingly “faux” real and super elegant.  I couldn’t pick my favorites, as usual, so I am flooding you with some awesome pics from Alisa! Thanks girl!

Here’s hoping that Danielle’s bridal portrait is WARM and successful! (It’s been unusually cold and snowy here in the great South Plains of Texas with temps between 0-20F and mind numbing wind chills well below 0F!)  Keep your eyes peeled for my blog post about her unique and beautiful wedding flowers in March!