Southern Weddings

Southern Weddings

Calling all brides…. If you are getting married in the foreseeable future or if you happen to have a wedding already planned but no man, this is the post for you! Southern Weddings Magazine!

I was in the bookstore the other day looking through some of the wedding magazines, as I feel it is my duty as a floral designer to keep up to date on what is trending in weddings… (ha ha, ok honesty… I just like looking at all the pretty dresses, flowers, cakes, photography and rings, so shoot me!) I was looking at the usual fare when all of a sudden my eyes clamped on “Southern Weddings” magazine.  Being a southern woman, myself, I was intrigued!  I grabbed it faster than water runs off a gooses back in July… ok perhaps I am not THAT southern, but Texas is still South so anyway, I digress…  The fresh looking cover had me from the word go and the inspirational and informative content kept me interested enough to bring thing sucker home with me!

Here is a look at what’s behind the beautiful cover…

 beautiful! gorgeous!
these are the lovely ladies of SW Magazine! Lara Casey, Emily Ayer, & Katherine Waterman. These young ladies definitely have an understanding of wedding trends… take a look see…
  the photography in this mag are AMAZING!  look at these inventive pics for the wedding rings. I specifically love the rings in the cotton bolls, but that must be West Texas coming out in me.
 I love that classically elegant black dress; so striking mixed with that gorgeous white bouquet! my fav on this page is the orange and pink number in the top right corner. I tried to get a recent bride to let me use pussy willow this way, but she looked at me like I was odd… wish I’d had this photo to show her what I meant!
 I thought this was a great engagement shoot and I LOVE that huge flower in her hair! those of you who know me, know my passion for turquoise and those earrings mixed with that flowers make my heart happy…
this is one of my utter fav bouquets in the whole magazine! so fresh and different. they used oranges!!! brilliant! I’ve use artichokes, thanks to my inventive bride, Lindsey, and now I want to branch out… let’s hope there is a daring bride in my future willing to be a little quirky?!?!
 another romantically inspiring bouquet! love the shape…
I love the little ring bearer’s pillow with the paper flower with ribbon bow center.  I’m also a fan of adding touches of flowers everywhere and love this floral touch worked in with the soft bun.
 speaking of flowers in the hair… WOW! love this bouquet and adore the head piece… it may be a little “editorial” and impractical, but for the right bride, anything goes!
 rock-a-billy romance… this is such an unexpected and unique wedding. I love the sedum boutonniere stuffed in the pocket with a handkerchief! so innovative!!
 and as a hat’s off to the farmers in the south, I love this tribute to cotton.  a farmer friend of mine once told me, much to his chagrin,  that is favorite flower was the cotton flower… well I think the cotton boll itself isn’t half bad!
brides everywhere are embracing the candy bar at their weddings, but what about the biscuit bar?!?!? witty and genius I say, especially since I am now an excited, if not wet behind the ears, fruit jammer! 
 so here are some of the REAL WEDDINGS that aren’t put on by a production team, but seriously, they still look like they were!

can I just say that whoever thought of putting their deserts in an old kitchen pantry was really very smart. what better way to show off the beauty of your deserts? soooo creative!
 now this was a sassy bride to sit with a chicken in her lap on her wedding day! wonder if the chicken laid a golden egg in honor of the nuptials? hee hee
 I just loved this pic of the hot air balloon.  they suggest great honeymoon retreats as well as where to get the best deals.
the young and talented editors on the back cover!
These ladies may be young, but I think they have some brilliant ideas and brilliant people working on this magazine, blog and website to give brides new and creative ideas to make their “I do’s” unforgettable.  This is only the third issue, but I hope there will be many more.  I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the new issues and I’ll be keeping up with them online too.  Check it out and get inspired, whether you are getting married, are already married, or ever hope to get married, this is a must read/see.  Happy planning, happy endings!