Spring Sprang at the Overton

Spring Sprang at the Overton

Thanks to my wonderful contact at the Overton Hotel, the lovely Mrs. Davenport, I recently designed some centerpieces for a few events that had one thing in common… SPRING!
As spring is beginning to fade and the heat of the summer is soon to rush in, I thought I would share some pictures of some “spring mixes” that were abounding only a few weeks ago!

This first collection of arrangements was for a group of dentists!  Do you know what the DDS stands for after your dentist’s name? Me either… so I Googled it and discovered it stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery!  See, even a crazy florist, such as myself, can learn something completely new and outside the realm of her expertise!

I used some of the GORGEOUS purple irises that were abundant in my front yard to add a splash of drama!

This second group of arrangements was for a 50th Wedding Anniversary!  To represent the “golden celebration,” I dry brushed some gold leaf paint onto the vases to give a unique, but classy look.  It only took a few minutes and it was so simple!  I love the way the mirror tiles reflected the shimmery gold accent.

 I hope you enjoyed your spring as much as I did.  I will miss the bountiful spring flowers in my yard, but that only makes way for the sumptuous blossoms of the summer!  Have a great week dear readers!