Stacey's Wedding Day Flowers, Lubbock

Stacey’s Wedding Day Flowers, Lubbock

Stacey, is a lovely lady whom I had the honor to meet several months ago and together, through a little snafu in her plans, were able to create something amazing.  Stacey booked me early, which I always love and was desperate to use peacock feathers and all their fantastical colors. I was greatly looking forward to finally using peacock feathers in some wedding flowers! YAY!  However, later in the summer, only months before her September wedding, she went to a friends wedding (who was using the same color theme) only to find HER wedding… same colors, same flowers, even the SAME wedding dress! But in true Stacey style, she handled it like a pro and decided to go the complete OPPOSITE direction… This is what we came up with and I can honestly say that I would exchange peacock feathers for mini oranges any day… To a truly unique wedding for a truly unique and gorgeous bride! Enjoy!

It was my first time using some of these flowers, namely, hanging amaranthus (I love this stuff now) and kiwi vine (which I adore using too! I love the gnarly look and it adds an artistic structural quality among the lush flowers).


 Grandmother’s Wrist Corsages

Mother’s Wrist Corsages
Father’s Boutonnieres
Mini Ring Bearer’s Boutonniere

Flower Girl’s Kissing Ball
 Usher’s Boutonniere

 Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Bridesmaids Bouquets

 What ever are those orange things you ask???

 Why they are mini ORANGES!!!  I keep telling my brides, I can work anything into a bouquet of flowers and thanks to Stacey’s trust in me, I was able to prove that point!


Groom’s Boutonniere
Ok, WARNING!!! I couldn’t narrow down the pictures of this bouquet because I fell in love with it… Sorry for the overabundance, but I had learned several techniques this summer at a florist’s convention and I was proud of my handiwork! 🙂
 *Romantic sigh……*

 They don’t call it hanging amaranthus without reason… I love the stuff and by placing it in the center of the bouquet it really allowed the hang of its name to show off beautifully!

 Seriously love that kiwi vine…!

This shows off the hypernicum berry chain! So love it!
 All lined up and ready for action!


Congratulations Stacey and Jacob! May you have many blessed years of love and happiness!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!