The Lovely Miss Lucy!

The Lovely Miss Lucy!

My fabulous neighbors recently decided to get a little puppy to keep them company and pretty much reek adorable havoc on their otherwise quiet life.  They said they had decided about a month ago to get a puppy and they were determined to name her Lucy, whatever kind they ended up with.  They settled on the Bichon Frise breed and wouldn’t you know it, they found one and guess what her name is….. LUCY!!! I think God is working His magic yet again for my sweet friends!  Without further ado, here is Miss Lucy Lavern!


Miss Lucy was full of vinegar the first time I met her! She weighs a whopping 2 pounds!!!

She is so tiny and so cute!
 This pup could be a model! She definitely knows how to strike a pose!

I think Daddy is in LOVE! 

 Chillin’ on Momma’s lap!
 Think she’s getting a little tuckered out…
Maybe not… Miss Lucy – havoc reeker!