Uniquely Romantic Winter Bridal Bouquet

Uniquely Romantic Winter Bridal Bouquet

Ok, so I have tons of other things I should be blogging about, namely summer weddings, trip to Dallas, furniture, etc…, but I couldn’t resist a quick little post this morning!

I literally just created this bridal bouquet for my new December bride, Kehley, yesterday and I am IN LOVE with it!  I called my good friend Alisa to ask her for any pointers she had for me for when I began to take pictures of this bouquet for my portfolio and she said, “Hmmm… the best thing to do would be to bring it over here and let me take some pictures of it for you!”  Well, it didn’t take me to long to jump on that offer like a flea on a dog. So I jumped in my truck and headed over to Alisa’s studio.

And let me just say, if you don’t know already, that Alisa Palmer just so happens to be a PHENOMENAL photographer!  I did a showcase of her work on my blog recently and her talent is obvious, so if you need a wedding, family, baby, animal, etc.. photographer definitely go to her website and book her ASAP as she is a hot commodity!

So here are her pics of my gorgeous bouquet (even if I do say so myself).  I’m loving these daring brides who let me do wacky stuff lately!  I think it is still classic looking with a more contemporary spin on it with the lotus pods.  Alisa said it looked very wintry, which is great because Kehley’s wedding is in December!  What do ya’ll think?

I had a hard time getting motivated to do this bouquet, but after I found the lotus pods (which I have been wanting to use for FOREVER!!!) I totally got into this bouquet!
This bouquet has white Gerber daisies, vanilla roses, red hypernicum berries, bupleurum, lily grass, cream colored stock, chocolate colored lotus pods and red queen anne’s lace!

Thanks Alisa!  I had so much fun watching you shoot the flowers and you totally made them look amazing! You are brilliant lady!