Valentine Jam & Flower Specials by Kelle B

Valentine Jam & Flower Specials by Kelle B

For the first time, during Valentine’s, you will be able to get your sweetie some Kelle B Jammin’ Jams &/or a pretty Valentine’s Bouquet from Flowers by Kelle B!


Below is the jam menu. You can call (806-781-7785) and place an order based off the menu and we will happily deliver it to your love on Valentine’s Day!  We also have the Kelle B Jam Box making its debut this Valentine’s Day!  It will proudly be a staple for all your holiday gift giving needs (ex: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas, etc…) and will replace the original Kelle B Jammin’ Jam Basket (which will be available by request only from now on)!  The details are listed below in a fun little graphic! (Feedback on the idea is appreciate!)

Kelle B Jammin' Valentines

Call 806-781-7785 to place your order!

We deliver on orders of $30 or more!

$8 per 8oz. jar*

Valentine's Day Jam Menu -

 *Exception: All flavors are $8 for a 16oz. jar, except for Peach Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean which is $9 for an 8oz. a jar & the Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce which is $12 for a 16oz. jar.

Jam Box deets - Kelle B Jammin' Valentines


Flowers by Kelle B

And last but not least, Valentine Flowers by Kelle B.  Mixed flower arrangements and bouquets starting $30!  Special requests will not be available unless you can place your order BEFORE Wednesday, February 13!!  I’ll be able to help keep costs down if you are open to the unique bouquets Kelle B has to offer (examples below of small, medium & large arrangements)!  Valentine flowers don’t always have to be a dozen red roses… You can stop by and pick them up or we can deliver them to the lucky recipient for the same $8 fee.  I’ll also have some arrangements made up on Valentine’s Day if you want to stop by in your gathering process. Just give me a call! 806-781-7785

Valentine Flowers by Kelle B

If you would like to create your own combo of a floral bouquet and a few jars of jam we will accommodate those too! And likewise, if you have no clue what to do, we can talk you through the process and get you set up with the perfect gift! Let us be your one-stop-shop this Valentines!


Kelle B