Who says baby’s breath is passé? – Tamara’s Romantic Wedding – Lubbock, TX

Who says baby’s breath is passé? – Tamara’s Romantic Wedding – Lubbock, TX

This bride was referred to me by my good friend and great Lubbock photographer Amy-Rose King (she also took all these fab pictures, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!).  She said the bride was gorgeous and they needed help with their flowers, STAT! She was right, Tamara is beautiful and both she and her mother were kind and sweet and a little too stressed out!  Kelle B to the rescue…

They were fretting quite a bit because they originally planned to do the flowers themselves and on second thought realized that it was a bit too much for them to tackle on such a special day.  I was happy to help them out.

We discussed the look and feel she wanted for the wedding which was classy and elegant and wanted her flowers to be simple yet romantic.  We decided on roses and baby’s breath in shades of cream to champagne.  I suggested just a hint of pink to use as an accent color to really make the whites sparkle.  And the vision was born!

When I did her bridal portrait bouquet we needed something simple and available so when I found these gorgeous pale pinky coral tea roses and baby’s breath I knew it was going to be great!  To shake things up a bit, I added a copper wire nest around the base of the flowers.  When Tamara came to pick up the bouquet, she was a tad skeptical, but after she got used to the idea, she loved it!  Loved it SO much, in fact, she texted me the next day saying, “Just wanted to let you know that the bouquet was so lovely!” Feel free to be creative with my wedding too, I know it will look fabulous!”  Music to my ears!

Now let me just say, that for all you baby’s breath haters out there (you know who you are), that “insipid” and “dated” filler flower is really having a rebirth and when used properly, can create a quite romantic and dreamy look leaving people asking, “Was that bouquet made of… baby’s breath????? But it’s to pretty!”

So have a looksee at what I came up with for the wedding flowers of the lovely Tamara Wallace & Stephen Hewes! I think you will rethink baby’s breath! Happy marriage to the beautiful couple!